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Special-Tea TM,  (patent pending May 2005)
is one of the many products and services of
CT International USA based in New Jersey.  Each tea bag is individual vacuum packed to sustain freshness, soothing taste and long-lasting shelf life of about 5 years minimum.  All natural ingredients, caffeine free and no preservatives. An exotic wild and farmed momordica charantia (scientific name) known as Ampalaya in the Philippines. Other names are Bitter Melon(North America), African Cucumber, Bitter Gourd(Caribbean), Karela(India), Fukwa(China), Nigai Uri(Japan), and Cerasee (South America).  It has a long history of use in Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America for so many years as hypoglycemic (glucose-lowering) serves primarily as an alternative therapy for lowering blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.

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