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is made  of 100% Bitter melon.

Bitter melon has been used both as food and medicine.  It is often added to dishes, such as fruits & leaves as its name suggest, taste very bitter and add an astringent or sour quality to foods.  An isolated property known as protein, (MAP30), that was patented by American scientists in 1996.  These scientists stated that MAP30 is effective against tumor, AIDS, and other viruses.

Special Tea
Special-Tea, packed in 30 tea bags (2 gr. each tea bag) 
1 tea bag can be use from 8 – 9 cups a day.
Drink special-tea after each meal.
Pour the boiling water into the cup.
Steep special-tea for just 3 seconds and keep the tea bag for next use.
If you prefer more bitter taste, steep it longer.

$4.99 1 box of 30 Tea bags.


" Since I've used this special-tea, my sugar level has come down significantly to where it needs to be."
Zachary Davis
Burlington, NJ

" Special-tea helps my diabetes in lowering my sugar level. "
Harry Holsneck
So. New Jersey

$4.99 a box of  30 tea bags

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